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Panther Staff

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.  You can contact our staff by email by clicking on their name below.

Principal​Mr. Stapleton
​Vice-PrincipalMs. Ha
Office Administrator                                                 Miss Barker
ClerkMs. Kauer
​KindergartenMrs. Brooks/ Mr. Nisbet (DECE)​
​Mrs. Woods/ Ms Jones (DECE)

Mr. Dunstan / Ms. Rideout (DECE)

Ms. Valtas / Ms. Sharda (DECE)​
​Grade 1
Mrs. Bell
​Grade 1Ms. Rhodes

​Grade 1
Ms. Zulak
​Grade 2Mr. Tiedeman
​Grade 2/3
Ms. Mason
​Grade 3
Mr. Grano
Grade 3 / 4
Mrs. Valks
​Grade 4
Mr. Skinner
​Grade 4 / 5
Mrs. Filippelli

​Grade 5 / 6Mrs. Ayres
​Grade 5 FI
​Mme Lamoureux
​Grade 6​​Mr. Blanchard
​​Grade 6 FIMs. Belanger
​Grade 6 / 7
​Grade 7 FI
Ms. Durr
​Grade 7 / 8
​Mr. Szczokin
​Grade 8Ms. Young
​Grade 8 FI
Mme. Lanoe
​Learning CentreMs. Kozlowski
​Developmental SkillsMs. Brouillard
​French - Core
​Mme Capisciolto
​Teacher Librarian
Ms. Zacher
​Special Education Resource TeachersMs. Davis, Ms. Brassard, Mr. Perlanski
​Planning Time Teachers​Ms. Brassard, Ms. Camick, Ms. Gouantouheu,
Ms. Mednick, Ms. Morano
​Educational Assistants (EAs)Ms. Barton, Ms. Bothwell, Ms. Brohman,
Ms. Kunjah. Ms. Lawrence, Ms. O'Malley,
Ms. Sweet, Mr. Thompson, Ms. Valencic
​Indigenous Education Student Advisor
Mr. Vivie
Child and Youth Worker
Mr. Ivsins
​CustodiansMrs. Camargo, Mr. Camargo, Mr. Athanasiou
​Educational Assistants (EA)Mrs. Connolly, Mrs. Kuzmich, Mrs. Lawerence, Mrs. Rugman, Mrs. Sweet, Mr. Thompson, ​Mrs. Valencic, Mrs. Webster,