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Panther Staff

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.  Staff names in blue below have a link to either a blog or website.

Principal​Mr. Prouty
​Vice-Principal​Mrs. Moxam
Office Administrator                                                 Miss Barker
Clerk​Ms. Vipond
​Kindergarten​Mrs. Brooks/ Mr. Nisbet (DECE)
​Mrs. Woods/ Ms Jones (DECE)

​Mr. Dunstan / Mrs. Taylor (DECE)
Remote Learning Kindergarten
Ms. Rhodes / Ms. Rideout (DECE)​
​Grade 1
​Mrs. Davis
​Grade 1 / 2
​Ms. Zulak
​Remote Learning Grade 1 / 2                                    
​Mr. Ciurko
​Grade 2
​Mrs. Filippelli
​Grade 2 / 3​Mrs. Young
​Grade 3
​Mr. Tiedeman
​Remote Learning Grade 3
​Mr. Perlanski
​Grade 4
​Mrs. Valks
​Grade 4 / 5​Mr. Boulding
​Remote Learning Grade 4 / 5
​Mr. Skinner
​Grade 5 FI
Mme Lamoureux
​Grade 5 / 6​​Mr. Blanchard
​Grade 6​Mrs. Ayres
​​Grade 6 / 7 FIMs. Leah
​Grade 7
​Ms. Liddy
​Grade 7
​Mr. Urquhart
​Grade ​7 / 8 Ex Fr
​Mme Lanoe
​Grade 8
​Mr. Schweitzer 
​Grade 8​Mr. Szczokin
​Remote Learning FI
​Ms. East
​Learning Centre​Mrs. Moreau
​Developmental Skills​Mrs. Dimou
​French - Core
​Mme Capisciolto
​Indigenous Education Teacher
​Ms. Madden
​Special Education Resource Teachers​Ms. Brouillard, Mrs. Zacher, Mrs. Bell
​Teacher Librarian​Mrs. Raycraft
​Planning Time Teachers​Ms. Belanger, Mr. Grano, Ms. Wallace, Ms. Valtas
​Educational Assistants (EAs)

Ms. Baxter, Ms. Bothwell, Mrs. Kunjah,

Mrs. Lawrence, Ms. Marano,  Mrs. O'Malley, 

Mrs. Rugman, Mrs. Spicer, Mrs. Sweet, 

Mr.Thompson, Mrs. Valencic

​Custodians​Mr. Cunningham, Ms. Lalonde
​Educational Assistants (EA)Mrs. Connolly, Mrs. Kuzmich, Mrs. Lawerence, Mrs. Rugman, Mrs. Sweet, Mr. Thompson, ​Mrs. Valencic, Mrs. Webster,